Gratitude Week

*** P R E S S  R E L E A S E ***

Lawrence Elementary School Celebrates A Week of Gratitude

Gratitude Week at Lawrence Elementary Included Bingo, Posters, Letters and More.


“It was a great week for our students,” said Rina Beach, principal of Lawrence Elementary School. “Showing gratitude towards our hard-working staff and dedicated students, especially during another wave of trying times, is of the utmost importance to us at the elementary school.”

Throughout the week, students participated in various activities to learn more about gratitude. On Monday, students had gratitude bingo. On Tuesday, students added notes of what they were grateful for to the school’s “gratitude jar” poster. Grateful A-Z worksheets were also shared amongst the students to complete on Wednesday. On Thursday, the students wrote thank you cards to their fellow classmates. Due to the snow, Friday’s school day was canceled at Lawrence Elementary School. Students were able to enjoy the day off at home, enjoying hot chocolate and building snowmen with their families.  The gratitude scavenger hunt scheduled for Friday will be postponed until further notice.

“I am so proud of our Lawrence Elementary students for engaging in such a wonderful week of activities,” said Dr. Ann Pedersen, superintendent of Lawrence School District. “Showing gratitude is something we definitely all need and should be doing right now. Even the smallest action like writing a thank you note can really go a long way in positively impacting someone's life.”

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Photo 1: Psychology intern Ms. Sasha Dorsainvil with two elementary students in front of the gratitude jar poster.



Photo 2: Two elementary students showing off their gratitude letters with principal Beach


Photo 3: Lawrence Elementary students posing with their a-z gratitude lists