Fifth Grade Genius Hour!

Students in the fifth grade bilingual class had the opportunity to participate in inquiry based learning and become experts on a topic of their interest---this is known as Genius Hour!

Ms. Torres and Ms. Talenti supported their learners throughout this student centered learning experience. Some of the Genius Hour topics included Beauty & Makeup, Lions, and How to Create a Roblox Game.

One student in particular, Stanley Santos, went above and beyond on his Genius Hour project about Mechanical Keyboards. Stanley researched the mechanical switches, the keyboard cases, the key caps, the keyboard plates, and the stabilizers in order to learn how to assemble his own mechanical keyboard. He prepared a presentation and brought in the actual keyboard he made to show his teachers and classmates all of his hard work! In addition, he videoed himself assembling the keyboard. Way to go Stanley!!!!

Mechanical Keyboard Video

*click on the image above to see a video of Stanley assembling his mechanical keyboard*

My Genius Hour

*click on the image above to view Stanley's presentation*