LES Reading Challenge!

As the Million Minute Reading Challenge continues here at Lawrence Elementary School, we want to recognize some of the accomplished readers here in our school!

*Joel Rodriguez from Ms. Kampton's class*

*Charlie Schechter and Banny Pena Abarca from Ms. Adler's class*

*Williams Rodas, Daniel Hashmi Perez, and Allan Chavez from Mrs. Laibach's class*

*Leslie Guevara and Ashley Estupinan from Ms. Garcia's class*

*Adriana Ramos Zavala from Ms. Miranda's class*

*Sharelin Milian Beltran from Ms. Walsh's class*

*Justinn Melara Flores, Emily Ciaccio, Kennedy Mowatt, and Joseph Ciaccio from Ms. Foster's class*

*Koby Kahan and Allisson RIvas Calix from Ms. Rubenfeld's class*

*Stephen Merida Rodas from Ms. Tveter's class*