Winner, Winner!

Two of our fabulous teachers, Ms. Talenti and Ms. Palermo, have received funding from Donors Choose to provide their students with the tools they need for a GREAT education! Ms. Talenti was awarded four $100 gift cards for educational resources on Teacher Pay Teachers and Ms. Palermo was awarded a document camera, a Bluetooth portable speaker, a portable photo and document scanner, and student headphones!

In order to get their projects funded, both teachers described how the funding would meet the needs of their students.

Ms. Talenti: "School is different now. Our students have lost the classroom environment that helps them to thrive and succeed. My goal is to create an amazing new digital classroom for my students. This includes interactive materials and high quality teacher created learning materials. This new classroom environment will be created using Google Classroom in combination with resources from Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you for helping me provide a brilliant new digital classroom environment for my amazing, resilient, and dedicated students in my Bilingual and ENL classes!"

Ms. Palermo: "The donations to this project will help to improve my students' understanding of the work I display while they learn at home through remote teaching. We have been teaching remotely at times, and my students need to see the materials I am teaching them."

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of Ms. Talenti and Ms. Palermo, so many students will be able to thrive and succeed! Ms. Palermo's Donors Choose sponsor, Nola Weinstein, was actually a graduate from the Lawrence Public Schools. 

Weinstein stated: "I credit much of who I am to my education. Growing up in Atlantic Beach and attending the Number 4 and Lawrence High School helped shape me. Enjoy learning and growing! Thank you Ms. Palermo for being an educator who care."

Lawrence Elementary School is such a great place to learn--- especially with committed teachers like Ms. Talenti and Ms. Palermo!