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Breakfast Flyer

January Breakfast

January Lunch




Dear Parents:


Your children’s health is our number one priority!

That is why Whitsons School Nutrition is pleased to announce our new partnership with Lawrence UFSD Together, we will be creating some exciting new nutrition initiatives that promise to be a tremendous benefit to the entire Lawrence community. We are pleased to be able to provide a great tasting, nutritious school dining program at Lawrence that meets Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act guidelines.  


Elementary Schools 

At the elementary schools, we will offer a hot entree, and breakfast weekly alternatives, plus complete salad, bagel, grilled cheese and yogurt lunches every day. A la carte offerings will be limited to wholesome choices such as fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and carefully approved snacks. It is our mission to help your children learn to eat and enjoy foods with the highest nutritional value. Our entrees include whole wheat and whole grain bread/buns/ bagels/pizza crust. Whole grain pasta and brown rice are also primary offerings. All our offerings contain zero trans fats. It is our commitment to reduce or eliminate all unnecessary food additives from your children’s lunch and breakfast. 


At this level, our award-winning Nutrition Safari® program will introduce your children to lovable safari animal characters to teach them about selecting healthy choices from each different food group for a well-balanced diet. The program’s mission is to increase participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the NSBP National School Breakfast Program and encourage students to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Each character’s motto is as follows:


Luke the Lion: “The mane course is your protein source.”

Murray the Monkey: “Don’t monkey around with your fruits.”

Jillian the Giraffe: “Reach for your greens.”

Heidi the Hippo: “Dairy is delightful.”

Hardy the Hyena: “Hardy har har. Don’t forget your carbs.”

Grant the Gazelle: “Limit your sweets, whenever you eat.”


Nutrition Safari includes the following program components:

Spokesanimal Visit. At least once per year, one of the safari characters will come in full costume, along with a “Safari Ranger” to speak to the children about nutrition during lunch.

Nutritional Menus. Each spokesanimal takes turns throughout the year sponsoring the monthly menu with a special message about their respective food group.

Monthly Nutrition Theme Day. Each month, we host a Nutrition Safari theme day, with a special menu for the day. 

Posters with Nutritional Messages. Throughout the servery, we post nutritional messages. Some of our nutrition posters feature the Nutrition Safari characters and their messages, while others promote healthy eating while depicting active children.


For the coming school year, we are also excited to offer the following program enhancements:

Revamped Menu. Our menu will feature a wide variety of nutritious choices that are prepared with children’s taste buds in mind:

- Whole wheat bread/buns/bagels/pizza crust

- Whole grain pasta and brown rice

- available daily: fresh veggies with low-fat dip, fresh whole fruit, fruit cups, fresh entree salad, low-fat milk

- Snack program meeting new wellness guidelines for approved beverages and snacks.

- All healthy items on our menus are listed and are designated with an apple logo.

Apple Window Clings. Apple window clings will be placed on the servery glass in front of healthy menu items, to make it easier for the children to make the most nutritious selections.

Monthly Activity Sheets. We will be distributing monthly activity sheets with nutrition information and puzzles, word searches and recipes. This information will reinforce the monthly message and the Nutrition Safari character of the month.